(Will the earth open up and swallow us all?)
Not as sexy as ‘Debbie Does Dallas’, but maybe just as shocking. As most know, I am not a fan of digital, online, social media, and PERSONALLY eschew use of all of it. However, I am agnostic with regard to it and business and making money. All but one of my clients conduct a great deal of their marketing with, through, and integrating online and digital, and I develop marketing for every place there is online. I may even know more than I let on . Maybe unwisely?,  Adam Witty has turned an entire Day over to me, to “do digital” as I see fit. Here’s what I’m delivering – FOUR biggies!....
Did Ken invent the internet? No, and neither did Al Gore as he once claimed. But it can be argued that Ken invented ‘internet marketing.’  

He hosted THE FIRST SEMINAR EVER on the internet’s commercial potential as marketing media, in 1994, with the then 23-year-old co-founder of Netscape, Marc Andreesen, as the featured speaker. Andreesen is one of the top venture capitalists focused on internet startups to this day. Ken’s first book on internet marketing, THE INTERNET BUSINESS MANUAL, was the first book of its kind published in Japan, and for many years Ken served as strategic advisor to NEC, the IBM of Japan, on internet matters. TIME MAGAZINE credited Ken with measurement and management of click-through, the metric that is the foundation of both Google and Facebook. He is an icon.

His legendary SYSTEM SEMINAR, begun in 1992, occasionally still conducted today, birthed or raised many, many of the ‘Names You Know’ of internet marketing leaders, and some even give Ken credit! Truth is, three generations of internet “kings and queens” owe their very existence to Ken.
I have known and worked with Ken since the early 1990’s. He has spoken for me and he has dared to have me speak at an internet conference of his.  My first web site  was built by Ken, out of pity. I KNOW VIRTUALLY EVERY “BIG NAME” AUTHORITY  AND CELEBRITY IN INTERNET MARKETING TODAY, BUT WOULD NOT  PUT ANY ABOVE KEN AS THE PERSON I TRUST MOST TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE MOST “REAL” AND VALUABLE INFORMATION.
AT THIS DAY: Ken will deliver a true NO BS “state of the union” of internet/ online marketing, pointing to REAL opportunities, and exposing nonsense and mythology. He will also do show ‘n tell of his “money hobby” sites, notably his jazz music online business. It’s a play thing, yet it makes bank deposits too, and embodies lessons and strategies valuable for any marketing or ecommerce by the web. His JazzontheTube is the 2nd most visited jazz website on the internet! (Yes, he is CURRENT.)

Ken even has a NEW, BREAKTHROUGH, TOP-SECRET Facebook strategy that gets you to people revealing sequential-step signals of soon-to-buy a particular product or service in live-time, before anyone else. And yes, it’s legal. Also, Ken & I will do a “working without a net” on-stage discussion and Q&A session.
THIS YEAR is the 25th Anniversary of the year I invited Ken McCarthy to speak on online marketing at my event, August of 1993. It’s a long time for any two people to be ‘married’ and still like each other!
TO CELEBRATE, one Winner at DAN DOES DIGITAL DAY will get a 25-Minute Private Consultation with Ken and a 25-Minute Private Consultation with me.
To enter: (1) REGISTER NOW and (2) Submit a question you think Ken and I should tackle together, via fax to me @ 602-269-3113 no later than Sept. 1.

Last year was the 80th Anniversary of Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH, in which he advocated for his least popular ideal: accurate thinking. A few years back, I was awarded The Persistence Award by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and I have certainly been obnoxiously persistent in championing accurate thinking. Ken and I are both married to it. Frankly, few others you may hear opine and bloviate about internet marketing are so tethered to any principle, let alone this one.
At the Summit, you will have heard Alan Doan detail the absolutely astounding “food stamps to Forbes” ….obscurity to YouTube fame…. Disneyland-of-quilting…. from scratch creating of a business shipping over ONE MILLION ORDERS A YEAR and drawing over 100,000 PEOPLE A YEAR to its own town, replete with retreats, workshops, and stores. ON THIS ‘DAN DOES DIGITAL’ DAY, you will SEE the YouTube and online marketing that fueled and fuels this business’ Great American Success Story!
OVER 500 VIDEOS starring Jenny Doan, quilting superstar, have logged 135-MILLION VIEWS….. not as entertainment but as the purposed and effective driving force of a multi-million dollar empire encompassing Info- Marketing and Info- FIRST marketing, hard goods and physical products, ecommerce, brick and- mortar retail, and on-site classes and events. THIS is online, online video, YouTube and social media ACTUALLY WORKING AND PAYING OFF!
If you do damn near anything online, especially utilizing YouTube, or think you should – you MUST, MUST, MUST BE HERE for this Show ‘n Tell & Q&A with Alan, led by me.
In 9 years, with unchanged marketing, this System drove more than $20-Million in entirely automated, ‘make money while you sleep’ revenue for a client. Its diagram fits on a 3x5” card. Its “secrets” can be revealed in less than 30 minutes, and encompass only 5 elements. I’ll lay it all out. This is, by the way, nearly identical to the System used by one of the giants of the newsletter industry, to create the most phenomenal success of the entire industry, a few years ago. I am testing it again for a new ‘famous’ client as I write this, and I should have results to share from that at this Day. It is also the System that I’ve “quietly” used to make about $250,000.00 for myself in the past several years with one promoter-partner and four “sprints”; very short-term, confined promotional campaigns into but one list. Repeating the same process each t ime (NOT having to reinvent).
I’ll share those facts and that example.
As Founder & CEO of ROI REVOLUTION, Timothy Seward leads a team of 150+ “e-commerce ninjas” working every day for over 270 companies… managing over $300-MILLION A YEAR of Ad-Spend on Google (and Facebook) AND of Marketing on Amazon and vie Amazon stores. You may have your experience using these sales platforms, but he has any one business’ experiences MULTIPLIED BY 270. This is your opportunity to hear from and question THE UNDISPUTED KING OF PAY-PER-CLICK… with inside insights on...
  •  Amazon: 44% of ALL online product searches START at Amazon.com. If your Amazon/Amazon Marketplace strategies are poorly optimized or non-existent, you may be missing out on huge opportunities!
  •  Google: are you being robbed blind by Google, Google Shopping... by all your ad spend on search? Timothy Seward's team routinely discovers ROAs (Return On Ad Spend) diminished by 30% and worse... by frequently repeated mistakes and "secrets Google doesn't want you to know"!
You are right to be suspicious! But. Frankly, 90% of the attendees couldn't meet the ad spend minimums required to be an ROI REVOLUTION client, so you can completely relax - he's not coming hunting. He has nothing to sell to you. Timothy and Dan have a long working relationship and great mutual respect, and Timothy agreed to this literally as a favor. Rarely does ANY audience not comprised of top-tier direct marketing companies with giant online/e-commerce/e-retail operations EVER get Timothy.
Extra Note from Dan
Let's not lose sight of the fact that virtually every client of ROI Revolution is a multi-channel marketer/retailer, NOT exclusively an e-retailer. Look at the names here. They have brick and mortar stores of their own or distribution through others' stores; print mail-order catalogs; print, TV and radio ad campaigns. So, no matter the ad, marketing and distribution methods you use, what my friend Timothy Seward will "Dare To Share" from deep, broad, current, hands-on experience with Making Pay-Per-Click & Search PAY has enormous potential value TO YOU.  And there is NO COMPARABLE OPPORTUNITY to this, to get this true inside info 'from the horse's mouth'. IF YOU NOW SPEND MUCH MONEY AT ALL ON PAY-PER-CLICK OR OTHER SEARCH, on Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon... "Acres of Diamonds" lie right beneath your feet, in your current spend with the revelations Timothy brings. OR IF YOU STRUGGLE, he'll show you how to Make Them Pay! - so you can do more, go bigger, grow faster with these media.
  • NONE of the internet-marketing Gurus who only make money selling how-to-make-money with internet marketing,
  • NO "MONKEYS WITH TYPEWRITERS" – TECH TYPES who know 3,650 "RULES" for web sites, online videos, etc., but CAN'T make $3.65 for themselves with an online business of their own. they'll work for you for food, but should you feed them?
  • NO MIGRAINE-MAKING TECH TALK. This is NOT a web-tech day. I can't stand it. My eyes cross, my head throbs, my sphincter tightens. I won't even allow techie, micro-focused questions here. This is a MARKETING AND MONEYMAKING Day. We'll be speaking MY language.
  •  NO AGENCY “SUITS” HERE TO “SIGN YOU UP”. They have their place, but not here, on this Day. These are NO BS realities and opportunities FOR YOU to understand, so you are not at the mercy of agencies like an anesthetized patient in surgery. I want you Wide Awake, Eyes Wide Open.
  •  NO BS OF ANY KIND! The litmus test is: where’s the profit in that?
PS: It’s kind of ironic. I probably make more money from use or use for me, by my direction of the internet than 99% of the folks who think I’m a dumb dinosaur mysteriously still upright in a digital world. In a family of an MIT grad, computer software systems and coding experts, I’m the only software millionaire (as founding investor in Infusionsoft). As a near-no-tech guy personally, I’ve racked up sky-high profits as an investor in Apple, Amazon, Verizon and very select e-commerce, like PetMedExpress, and in a portfolio of cyber-security stocks (up 32% in 7 months). In my work with directly advised info-marketer clients, I spearheaded over $50-million of online sales and movement of over 500,000 leads in and out of web sites and social media in 2017. My other recurring clients include one of the largest agencies managing Google ad spend, the largest Google-local rankings and traffic management agency in health care niches, and a company operating seven different Amazon stores, each grossing over $50,000.00 a month. This dinosaur earns his right to run Digital Day! So, don’t make the mistake of discounting me because I refuse to own a cell-phone or use email – not if you want to know how to own marketing that makes money!
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