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Welcome Renegade Entrepreneurs!
April 19-21
Renaissance Orlando Seaworld
Dan Kennedy
Take action now to grow your business
On April 19, hundreds of Renegade Entrepreneurs from around the world will gather in Orlando to experience barrier-busting breakthroughs in their businesses.
 They’ll be gripping the wheel, getting out of the slow lane, and leaving their excuses 
(and competitors) in the dust.

It’s exhilarating – but it’s not for amateurs. 
Do you have what it takes to be one of them?
Change Lanes. Pull Out of Your Environment. 
Put yourself where the business growth principles, techniques and solutions are spread out in front of you.

Renovate, reinvigorate – or rebuild what isn’t right.

Solve the problem that feels like gum on your shoe.
GKIC’s SuperConference 2018 – Growth Zone Live! 
We’re mixing up the concrete real good this year, so write your name in this one!
  • Fast-paced mini-talks and panel dialogs to cover more issues
  • Deep-dive Mainstage trainings and breakout workshops
  • Interactive Round Tables – you got see it to believe it (scaling a business, sales systems, SEO, direct-response websites, making money with Facebook and LinkedIn, funnels and much more!) 
  • Continuous opportunities to meet experts and service-providers who can solve your business challenges
  • Tons of networking with small-business owners all around the hotel for 3 days – your next business connection could be in the elevator or even on the treadmill next to you. 
SuperConference 2018
Featured Speakers
Dan Kennedy
Samantha DeBianchi
Josh Turner
Bill Glazer
Inside the Growth Zone…
  • You’ll get in-depth, nuts-and-bolts training to show you exactly what’s working right now for entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses.
  • You’ll hear from seasoned professionals who will be sharing real-world tips and advice for rapid, consistent growth… and for minimizing risk along the way.
  • You’ll get the tools and templates you need to take the guesswork out of growth… and avoid those frustrating detours that sidetrack most business owners.
  • You’ll connect with like-minded, driven professionals who are thrilled to help you experience major breakthroughs in your business.
  • You’ll find out how to rise above your competition by becoming the “go-to” leader in your industry… no matter how much competition is out there. 
My Fellow Renegade Entrepreneurs

From the Desk of A.J. Mirabedini

Whether you’re new to GKIC or you’ve known us for a while, you know that we’re all about equipping business owners like you with the best knowledge, tools, and resources to achieve impressive growth in 2018 and beyond. And at Growth Zone Live, we’re stepping up our game!

After all, today’s business environment is full of potential detours, obstacles, and just plain old “bumps in the road.” You need solid, real-deal insights to keep you on the open road to success!

When you see me, please stop and introduce yourself – I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

A.J. Mirabedini
Growth Zone Live is a hub for breakthroughs, no matter how long you’ve been in business.. 
and no matter what challenges and opportunities are in your way. 

It’s about setting aside the status quo and deciding that you deserve to be extraordinary.

It’s about getting the knowledge and tools to get out of your comfort zone… and into the fast lane to success.

It’s about growing a community of supportive entrepreneurs who are as excited about your success as they are about their own.

And most of all, it’s about equipping you to create real transformation in your business … and to never look back!
Now, we’re not going to just cover one aspect of business. 

Whatever you need to get into your personal Growth Zone, you’ll find it here:
  • If you’re struggling to close sales, you’ll learn how to create a solid, repeatable sales structure that will turn more of your prospects into paying clients and customers!
  • If you’re tired of losing buckets of money on Facebook ads (or you’ve heard too many horror stories to even give it a try), you’ll find out the simple way to create ads that actually work… without investing a fortune!
  • If you feel like there’s just too much to do and not enough hours to do it all, you’ll get a virtual tool chest full of time-saving tools, templates, and done-for-you solutions to give you back hours of your day!
  • If you’re gun-shy about hiring employees because they might suck, we’ll teach you the techniques the most successful Renegade Entrepreneurs use to ensure that they ONLY hire rockstar employees!
  • If you get migraines trying to figure out how to stand out from the crowd, you’ll get the most relevant, in-the-moment insights to help you differentiate your brand, YOUR unique selling proposition … and become the obvious solution for your clients and customers.
  • If you’re hungry for fresh ideas that will revolutionize your business, just show up, grab a helmet, and hang on … because this is going to be one ride you won’t forget!  
SuperConference 2018
All programs and activities take place at the Renaissance Orlando SeaWorld   
For reservations, Please call (407) 351-5555 and mention the
GKIC SuperConference 2018

The League of Young Entrepreneurs for teens runs concurrent with the 
SuperConference agenda on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
So, what makes Growth Zone Live
the ONE business-building event you need to attend this year?
To tell you the truth, there isn’t just one single reason why. There’s a whole haul-truck full of reasons!
Real-world, no-BS training and tools to get you out of your comfort zone – and into your personal growth zone – fast!
If you know anything about GKIC, you know that Dan Kennedy has played a major role in shaping what we do for business owners like you. And if there’s anyone who personifies “NO B.S.,” it’s Dan.

We know that wasting everyone’s time with a bunch of thin training and pointless breakout sessions isn’t going to do anyone any good. 

If you don’t feel like you’ve picked up a wealth of strategies, tools, and ideas to create explosive growth in your business, you won’t be back next year… and you’ll probably tell your fellow entrepreneurs not to come, either. 

Fortunately, we’ve never had that problem. 

That’s because you’re only getting the most relevant, drop-dead-simple advice and the best time-saving tools to speed you toward your business and personal goals. 

In fact, WE GUARANTEE that what you take away from this event will be exactly what you’ve been looking for! (More about this guarantee in a moment)
A host of speakers, presenters, and trainers who are actually out there “walking the talk!”
Sure, every live event features at least a few speakers and presenters. But how often do you get to learn from people who teach the exact same strategies they use in their businesses every single day? 

Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting at Growth Zone Live! 

All of our presenters – Renegade Entrepreneurs from both inside and outside GKIC - have plenty of experience innovating in their businesses. 

They’ve got results to back up their insights and ideas. 

And they’ll inspire you to infuse your business with timely, cutting-edge strategies to generate some enviable results in your own business! 
A curriculum that energizes … instead of leaving you drained!
No more 8 hours in your chair, listening to presenter after presenter talk at you – for 90 minutes each! And no more pinning your eyelids open for more presentations in the evenings! 

We get it – it’s flat-out exhausting. When you feel like your brain is flatlining because you’ve been listening to speakers all day … you probably aren’t getting the maximum value out of the experience! 

That’s why we’ve revamped our format! 

Yes, you’re going to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in full-length presentations … but we’re also going to be doing plenty of short (20 minutes or less) “TED-talk-style sessions, panels and breakout workshops, where you can soak up tons of knowledge in an interactive environment! 
“Round Table Rodeo” for hands-on learning 
(and a steady stream of breakthroughs)!
While attendees at other events are struggling to stay awake while they listen to yet another presentation after dinner, you and your fellow Growth Zone Live members will be racking up some impressive “a-ha” moments at The Round Table Rodeo!

Picture 10-12 tables arranged in a big room with a topic expert at each table. Everyone at each table will engage, brainstorm, and learn for about 15 minutes, and then it’s off to another table to get you even further out of your comfort zone! 

Oh, and there’ll be a “Wild Card” table, too! That’s where YOU and your fellow Growth Zone Live attendees decide what topic they want to know more about … and we’ll provide an expert to bring you up to speed! 

A cash bar and plenty of complimentary snacks throughout the evening will keep you recharged and properly lubricated! 

Now, doesn’t that sound better than trying to swallow a yawn while some guy in a suit clicks his slides for another hour? Heck yeah it does! 
Plenty of opportunities to build not just a network … but a community!
The folks at GKIC may be renegades, but they believe that when you’re a part of the right community, you get the power to exponentially grow your business. That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities for you and your fellow attendees to connect – at fun, high-energy networking events (including a book-signing with highly influential authors, including Dan Kennedy himself)!

Our attendees tell us all the time that the connections they’ve made at our SuperConference have helped them smash through obstacles, accelerate their growth and surpass their craziest goals. And some of them have even formed strategic partnerships. You never know how a fellow attendee can help your business … so be sure to bring high expectations and plenty of business cards!
And This Pavement Won’t Crumble
The teen in your house is about to acquire in 3 days 
the business-success skills that most don’t get in 3 years at school. 
Add your teenage son or daughter to your registration for only $97 each. We’ll teach ’em how to become prepared and self-sufficient no matter what their future holds.  

This program runs concurrent with SuperConference and is designed specifically for kids 13-18.  

At the League of Young Entrepreneurs, your teen will join a team and learn how to Start, Market, and Build Their Own Business with lessons ranging from:
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Video
  • List building
This unique program is led by Professional Rainmaker David Fagan who gives each kid a SOLID grounding in direct response/business principles they can use the rest of their lives. David is a long-time GKIC member and business owner, as well as the father his own teen entrepreneurs. David has been running this program since its inception 8 years ago.

  • The types of businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities in today’s marketplace (with examples)
  •  How to write a business plan that factors in key elements like financing, market analysis, product pricing, and more  
  •  Creating a marketing plan that produces measurable, actionable results  
  •  How to write copy that connects emotionally with the target customer  
  •  Secrets to writing and recording your own direct-response radio spot  
  •  Tips to creating a lead generation ad that brings in targeted leads  
  •  How to write and record your own commercial  
  •  Fundamentals of using social media for business  
  •  Keys to successfully making an irresistible sale pitch
  •  How to collect and use testimonials to grow your business 
Big News Everybody ...
Billionaire TV Host and Infomercial Queen Forbes Riley Is Speaking At The League of Young Entrepreneurs!
Bringing her own teen daughter to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs event, April 19-21.
Join them in Orlando for an unforgettable experience!
Award winning TV host, author, actress, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the world's leading health & wellness experts, Forbes Riley, will be joining the program to lead some of the sessions!

Forbes is known as the 2-billion-dollar woman, having done billions in infomercials. She has been awarded the ERA Moxie award for Best Female presenter multiple times, which is a testament to her incomparable success in blending her talent and knowledge with her dynamic communication style to speak and inspire audiences across the globe. 

Forbes is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and for pitching the most wildly popular products such as the Jack LaLanne Juicer, the Montel Williams Health Master, her own Forbes Riley SpinGym and the best of the best fitness, health and life improvement products over the course of her career. She lives her mission that health and fitness is a lifestyle not a fad.

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Apr.20, 9:00AM to 7PM

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Apr.21, 9:00AM to 7PM

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David will divide the teens into small groups, and each group will tackle all of the same steps any entrepreneur would take on when starting a new business:
  • Coming up with a viable business idea that is relevant in today’s marketplace
  •  Conducting market research to validate the business idea 
  •  Creating a business and marketing plan 
  •  Choosing and employing marketing assets to attract new customers or clients 
  •  Implementing growth strategies 
  •  Adjusting to changes in the market 
  •  And many more!  
We negotiated an awesome low hotel rate that’s 15% LOWER compared to last year’s price at the same hotel! (only $169!)
Reservations are quick and easy at:
Or call the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld at:
(407) 351-5555  and mention the GKIC SuperConference.
Sure, you might be tempted to shop for a lower rate in the neighborhood, but don’t let a few bucks beguile you out of the full event experience you deserve! Back-n-forthing is a drag – and you’re more likely to arrive late in the mornings and/or miss out on some of the primo networking that happens only when the sun goes down.

There is 0% chance you will regret being around your GKIC friends and peers day and night for 72 hours. It’s only once a year, so don’t miss out! 
You read that correctly! You can SELL your products and services onsite at 
the Growth Zone Live as a sponsor/exhibitor! 
It’s the ULTIMATE Message-to-Market Match!
Got another idea? Let’s talk! 

Call China Panion: 773-632-4644 
Email her at: cpanion@gkic.com
“GKIC events perform better than any other event we exhibit at because
they are filled with buyers and decision-makers.”
Shawn Buck
Newsletter Pro
  • 8x8 Exhibition Booth (including pipe and drape) … Booth location and pricing will be determined by acceptance date of event commitment.
  •  Complimentary registrations to the entire Conference – You can attend all of the sessions and reap the same benefits that all of the other attendees are getting; Incredible Marketing & Money-Making Information. Premier PACKAGE ONLY. 
  •  Opportunity to insert promotion and gift item into attendee bag.  
  •  Recognition on the Event Website and in mailers and emails throughout the 3+ month marketing campaign 
  •  A Thank You to Sponsors banner at the SuperConference 
  •  Recognition on the Event App during SuperConference 
  •  Recognition on the Thank You Sponsors slide loop playing from Mainstage during the SuperConference 
  • Attendee Gift Bag Insert (must exhibit)
  • Direct Mail to Event Attendees (must exhibit) 
  • Sponsor the Networking Event 
  • Sponsor the Diamond Lounge 
  •  Sponsor Elevator Wraps 
  •  Sponsor the Registration – Logo on Water Bottles 
  •  Sponsor the Hotel Keys 
  •  Sponsor the WIFI 
  •  Sponsor the Coffee Station 
  •  Sponsor the Attendee Bags or the Lanyards 
Stay over to Sunday, April 22 for the ...
Bonus Workshop: 
Scaling Sales – How to grow revenue through a well-built team & process
Featuring segments of GKIC’s Sales Engineering Academy with GKIC President Nick Loise and Dr. Mike Lorence
While most Growth Zone Live attendees will be packing up and heading back to their homes or offices, we’ve got a special session just for people like you – the diehard Renegade business owners who truly want to mash through the roadblocks that stand between them and a dramatic increase in sales and cash flow!

It’s called “Scaling Sales: How to Grow Revenue Through Well-Built Teams and Processes.” And it’s just like it sounds … from 10 a.m. to about 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 22, you’ll jump into a special training session where you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work learning exactly what to do to 10X your business.

Sound too bold to be true? 

We’re going to demonstrate why it’s actually easier to 10X your business than it is to grow more timidly in small increments!

You’ll learn how to do it without adding more hours to your workday, risking burnout, or missing out on making memories with your family and friends!

What you’ll take away from this strategy-filled session will make it even easier to blow past your income goals this year … and build a solid foundation for sales success going forward!
Now, we’re limiting attendance at “Scaling Sales” so participants can engage more closely with our training team. To ensure your seat in the room, you’ll need to select it as part of your registration when you call. It’s a bargain for only $197 – just check the box for BONUS WORKSHOP when you register.
Don’t get shut out of this opportunity to multiply your sales with the actual system and hiring process that is proven – regardless of industry – to 10X scale any small business.

Still on the fence? 
there’s zero reason to hesitate.
If you’ve ever invested your time and money into a seminar, workshop, or conference that ended up being nothing more than a weekend full of smoke n mirrors, it’s perfectly understandable that you’re
reluctant to register for Growth Zone Live. 

After all, what if you show up and find out that it’s just another one of “those” events?

As any past GKIC SuperConference attendee will tell you, this is nothing like those tremendous time-wasters. Yes, you’ll hear MANY ideas to transform and scale your business ... but we want you to actually ZOOM IN on 3-5 takeaways that you will IMPLEMENT this year to effect lasting change and growth.

But how can you be sure of your ROI? Of this promise of ours that Your Business Will Grow This Year?!

Simple. To put your mind at ease, your registration comes with our 100% “Can’t Lose” guarantee.
Here’s how it works: 
Lock in your registration today by CLICKING HERE or calling us at 1-800-871-0147. When you arrive at the event, be ready to dive in and start learning how to use today’s strategies to grow your business faster and more efficiently than ever. 

And if you decide that Growth Zone Live isn’t everything we’ve promised, or that the strategies and insights you’ve gained aren’t ideal for rapidly growing your business… let us know by the Day 1 dinner break. We’ll not only refund 100% of your registration fee … we’ll reimburse you for up to $500 of documented travel and hotel expenses!

Now, that’s a pretty bold guarantee … but when you think about the phenomenal results previous GKIC SuperConference attendees have achieved, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to take us up on it!

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Hurry up! Limited Seats Available
This is where the top direct-marketing strategists in the industry help small-business owners make transforming breakthroughs and grow more rapidly.
CALL TODAY On: 800-871-0147




2018 APRIL. 19 - 21
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